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Dzanc Books solicits submissions through three annual contests:

    the Prize for Fiction, which recognizes novels that are daring, original, and innovative, and offers a $5,000 advance and publication;

    the Short Story Collection, which seeks well-crafted and powerful book-length collections and offers a $2,500 advance and publication;

    and a final contest which changes from year to year. This year, we will be running our periodic Nonfiction Prize, seeking innovative and inspiring book-length work of nonfiction, including but not limited to memoir, essays, polemical writing, historical writing, and biography. The Nonfiction Prize offers a $1,500 advance and publication.

Our contests open March 1 and close September 30. The winner of each contest, along with a short list of finalists, will be announced by the end of the year.

Please note: At this time, we are not seeking submissions of poetry or YA/children's fiction.

For any questions about the contests or our submissions policy, please email We look forward to reading your work.

Thinking about submitting to a lit mag, contest, or agent, but not sure your piece will make it through the first round? Send us the first page of your piece, and get flash feedback on your opening, stakes, initial hook, style, and more.

Feedback takes the form of a long paragraph. This will include overarching critique and specific notes on diction, style, or structure where appropriate. First-page critiques delivered within four days of submission. Critique is performed by Dzanc staff editors. Include a short cover letter explaining your goals for the piece and any specific questions you're hoping to answer.

For an additional $10, you can get a second set of comments on your first page after revision.

We'll take 20 first pages at a time. Once 20 submissions have been received, the form will close until we've gotten some breathing room.

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